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The Power of WORDS

“Words are powerful. They can create or they can destroy.  So choose your words wisely.”

Do you trust the words you see around you?  Do you mediate on the quotes that you see posted on Social Media? Do you read in between the lines? 

As a sucker for “quotes” and “inspirational words”, I find myself staring, reflecting on the positive words that I see around me.  

Whether it’s from a fortune cookie, a billboard or the mere frames hanging from a wall, I am in awwww when I read words that truly captivates my eyes.  

A little less than a year ago, my church decided to create a COFFEE corner with some positive words of inspiration.  This past Sunday, I found myself gazing on these words and reflecting on the first 2 quotes posted above.  I needed a little reassurance after a rough Saturday that everything will be OK.  These words can be a daily reminder that LIFE is so worth living. Don’t take LIFE for granted and remember to share a “few words of encouragement to someone TODAY.”  


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