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Updated: May 16, 2020

Sewcation 2018

Date: July 26 – 29 (Thurs-Sun)

Cost: $50 participant fee per person (including Miami residents) –

Location: Atton Hotel – Brickell FL

1550 SW I Avenue  Miami FL  (786)725-3214

Hotel Cost: $149 per night, plus taxes – double occupancy – breakfast included for two nights

Why do I have to pay the $50 to participate?The $50 per person will secure your participation so that we can commit to a number of hotel rooms, and pay for incidental expenses including: shuttle service to/from fabric store field trip and meeting room expenses.

I live in the Miami FL area, can I pay the $50 fee and NOT stay in the hotel?

YES!  Only limited tickets willl be available.  

Must I book the hotel for double occupancy?

Yes – feel free to let us know if you want an introduction to someone to room with.  If you want to book for single occupancy, just let the hotel know when you book.

How do I book the hotel and airfare?

You will receive information to book your hotel directly with our group rate for the event.  You are responsible for your transportation however to get to Miami.

Will the hotel allow me to pay the group rate before Thursday and after Sunday?

Yes – just let the hotel know if you need to come in early or stay later when you book.

Will transportation be provided from the airport to the hotel?

Your transportation to/from the airport is your responsibility.  You can connect with other participants to share rides.  If you fly into the Fort Lauderdale airport, try to connect with other participants that will do the same to share a ride to Miami.   Suggestion: coming into Fort Lauderdale before 3pm to give you time to travel and get to the hotel in a comfortable time.  In addition, the hotel is closer to the Miami International Airport, however, if you plan to rent a car, please note that there is a fee to park at the hotel.

Do I have to be a sewist to participate?

No, please join us if you craft in any way.  We would love to learn from you and we’d love to share.  This event is great for any sewing level especially a beginner.

How do I share information about the Sewcation with others?

The Sewcation is an invitation-only event and not public.  Feel free to share with your sewing network and let them know the same.   Share the Instagram page that will be created, the Facebook page, give them the link to the Eventbrite to register.  We will be collecting email and phone contact information to keep a running list of Sewcation friends.

Do I have to bring my own sewing machine/tools?

Yes, bring your own sewing machine and supplies to participate in the sewing days.  We will be sewing Friday and Saturday mornings until 12noon.  We will set up in a conference room set up with tables and chairs and breakfast/coffee/snacks.   Bring your own sewing supplies.  You will receive information about the Sewcation Wear and learn what supplies you will need.

How to I travel with my sewing machine?

We suggest you get a case for your machine (similar to a roller bag suitcase)…some are sold in Joann’s or Walmart.  Simple to load with a machine and tools – EXCEPT SCISSORS.  YOU MUST PACK YOUR SCISSORS IN YOUR CHECKED LUGGAGE.  YOU DO NOT WANT TSA TO TAKE YOUR SCISSORS.

What is the deadline to pay the participation fee?

May 20, 2018.  The deadline may be extended.

What is the deadline to book my hotel room? July 1, 2018

Will the event be cancelled if a hurricane is forecasted?

Yes, and a rain date will be announced.

Am I expected to post my pictures/activity on my social media?

We will be asking all participants to post pics and activity on social media to provide sponsorships exposure for participating in Sewcation 2018.  We will let everyone know what sponsors to include their posts.

What are the hastags to use in social media posts?


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