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Marica Mitchell - About Me

Who is Marica? (Ma-ree-ka)

 Mother - Educator (M.A. Ed.) - Sewist - Blogger - Writer

Motherhood has brought me so much joy and has allowed me to push myself beyond my natural limits. Even though it has not been an easy journey, I would not trade the role I play as a mother. My passion is to touch lives whether in the classroom as an educator or inspiring someone to live in the moment and enjoy the beauty around us. In my spare time, I enjoy spending quality time with my son Aiden and daughter Arielle, traveling, working out, sewing, crafting, and self-expression through writing. 

Through "My Creative Space" and page, my hope is that you leave this page inspired, uplifted, motivated, and energized.  My motto is "if there is a will there's a way". I am excited to share a snippet of my world with you, so sit back, relax, and CRUISE ALONG on this amazing journey!

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