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Life’s Teachable Moment….

Have your child ever made a statement that had you thinking for days?  Have you ever questioned yourself about being a good parent or mother?  Well, unfortunately, I have answered “YES” to both questions.  I have been blessed with 2 amazing children who have unique personalities and who bring nothing but SUNSHINE in my life.  My first born and son, a SPECIAL child has taught me some of the best life lessons.  Aiden is a tough child to understand but he can analyze and reason like a GROWN man.  My son is an active child who participates in church activities and karate.  This past weekend, his Saturday boys church group  had a father son activity  that he wanted to attend.  Again, unfortunately, he realized last minute that his father should have joined but didn’t know how to ask.  He now waited 20 minutes before to tell me to call a friend or my nephew to take him.  I told him “NO” as I have been upset that his dad isn’t playing an active role.  HE CRIED his heart out while listening to some of  my negative harsh comments that I can’t always be a father.  Its take a MAN to teach a BOY to be a MAN and there is so much a single mother can do. I expressed that somethings we have to learn to accept. My son said to me said “mommy, I still LOVE you no matter what and I will still love my father.”  I will not call him and be rude when I am mad but I will pray that he will be a better dad.  I was in AWWWWW!!! I had a moment and I had to reflect back on the harsh words I had just repeated about his father.

I felt so bad for my son but moreover, I was ashamed of my actions towards him because of his father.  My son internalizes everything and I regret talking negative about his father.  I know however no matter what, he will always pray for his father and I should have known better to leave it at the foot of the cross.  I know my son would find some way to encourage his dad to be a better man and I should have entrusted him.

As I share this with tears in my eyes, my son decided that he would cancel meeting his father this weekend as he would NOT miss CHURCH. I was amazed when my son asked permission today to call his father to let him know that since he is on the choir and will be singing this Sunday,  he will have to reschedule.  He nicely asked his dad to come to church and hear him sing instead. I know that I have a special child but God uses little children to draw us adults closer to Him.  I am a witness as my son will drag me out the house to ensure that we go to church on Sundays.  My son starts our morning rides to work and school with a prayer and share his favorite bible verses in the car.  I play his songs for choir daily for the first 40 minutes of our ride.  He shares how AWESOME God is and share some of his favorite bible stories when he know that I am having a bad day. My son will NOT miss his Wednesday night church group even if his homework is NOT done.  Additionally,  my son has be my rock and my shoulder to cry on and always will share that WORD when things are just not going right. 

I am so happy that this year my son has only missed church once and is on a mission to serve Christ. He is shielding himself and growing in the WORD and staying on track.  How many 9 year old will NOT miss his choir practice on a Sunday afternoon ?  How many 9 year old will NOT miss church activities on a Wednesday?  How many 9 year old will invite others to Christ?  I know I have a SPECIAL child and I am eternally grateful.

This past Saturday was one of the BEST teachable moments and as a parent, we have to accept and look beyond each others fault.  Thank you Aiden for a GREAT lesson!!

In closing….

“But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”  

Matthew 19 vs. 14


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