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Girl Talk – Lead by Example

“I don’t want my children to follow in my footsteps. I want them to take the path next to me and go further than I could ever dreamt possible.” Author Unknown

Social media and norms have polluted our minds so much, and in an instant, replicas of inappropriate trend and styles have become the norm. As soon as some of the “idols” that many young girls look up to shares a photo with a style, 2 days later, your timeline is blowing up with it. Am I just old fashion? YES Will I conform or bend? NO I can’t imagine walking around or leaving my home going to a day event ( NOT BEACH) in a full shear dress with bra and panties only and allowing my daughter to see it. I can’t forget the day my granny said, “what’s good for the goose may not be good for the gander.” This saying has resignated with me for years. So LET’S TALK!

Parents, please be careful how you carry yourself around your child or children. You are their first idol so think about your actions. Children learn what they see.

Allow them to find their own unique sense of style. Emphasize individuality, norms and  self control. Middle school is a tough age so please keep your eyes and ears open all the time.  Be a police in their lives especially if you allow them freedom. 

Let’s preach that SOCIETY, especial today’s social norms and media are NOT the go to teacher for life lessons. As parent, we should have an open trusting relationship and our children should be able to share their feelings with us. We should ensure that our children are so strong on the INSIDE that no matter what society preaches, they can still STAY strong to their family value system.  As a mother or 2, I monitor what my children watch, what they hear, who they hang with and what feeds into their spirit.  I am so proud that if you ask my kids about Jordans, they would ask if only basketball players wear them.  They know about Old Navy, Gap (Clearance rack), Crazy 8 and all the sales.  They are comfortable in their skin and their outer appearance does NOT dictate who they are.

So parents, lets invest more time in raising our future leaders.  Our little girls should look up to First Lady Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Simone Biles, Oprah Winfrey, Elen Ochoa, Madame CJ Walker, Maya Angelou, Alicia Keys and a host of many others positive figures.  Our boys should emulate our first Black President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Marcus Garvey, Alfonso Cuaron, Martin Luther King, Neil Armstrong and Steve Jobs and those who have positively impacted our lives.  Lets enrich their minds with education and the right keys to success. Thanks for stopping by and lets start at HOME!!!

Much love to my amazing son Aiden for capturing these photos.  He is always happy to capture us!Stay tune for my OPEN letter to my children!!!!


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