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Cheers to a NEW BEGINNINGS!!

“If you ask me for my NEW YEAR resolution, it will be to find out who I am.” Cyril Cusack

My NEW HOME – Unpacking in Progress

The last 2 weeks of 2015, my life has been flipped upside down.  I wasn’t concerned about the chaos because I know that God has better plans for my life in 2016.  I been painting, packing, cleaning all at the same time and at times I just sat down and cried. I wanted to give up at the finish line but I had to go through this rough period at the end to finish the race.    I have been running on fumes but today I decided that I just had to take a break and enjoy the last page of 2015.

The last 5 years have been truly a struggle which have made me grown so much as a person.  I have found INNER PEACE and even if it took cutting some folks out of my life, I honestly had to in order to save my life.  I had a week off without the kids which allowed many quiet moments and reconnection on a stronger level with God.  Through deep soul searching, I had to ask myself a couple of times “Why are you HERE?” and “What is your PURPOSE?”

Amidst all the chaos, it felt amazing today to turn in my keys to an apartment at 1pm December 31, 2015.  I was so excited that I went to my complex to get my last mail and drove out so quickly forgetting to turn the keys in.  My kids and I busted out laughing and my daughter Arielle said, “WOW mommy, you are so happy to leave.”

Life has a way of breaking us down to build us up for better and greater things.  The next few months will be spent decluttering my life and starting FRESH all over again.    I am truly excited about the journey and starting a NEW PAGE, CHAPTER, or a BOOK.  I have some many exciting and great things planned and I am so READY to EMBARK on this journey 2016.

Getting Ready to SET up my Studio/Planning area.

In closing, “your soul knows when its time to close a chapter so don’t be afraid to start over.” 


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