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What is L O V E?

What is Love?

Is it the number of likes on a picture?

Is Love the words that you utter?

Is it the material things you have?

Is it a connection that you feel?

It is amazing what different people may say about LOVE. Each person may have their own perception, but is there a true definition of LOVE.  One may link LOVE towards feeling, material things, a moment, but how can we truly define the experience of LOVE.  I am a sucker for LOVE stories, romantic endings, fairy tales, you name it. I am so much intertwined with finding what really LOVE is and for me, it is the butterfly feelings that I get in my stomach.  It’s that moment of feeling special and and I just don’t want to stop smiling.

I have been thinking about the WORD LOVE the last couple of days. I have been really yearning for that tingling FEELING, reminiscing on the moment when I really felt LOVE. I have been wanting to get that butterfly feelings so bad when I think about that SPECIAL person that I LOVE.  Surprisingly it was a moment I reflected about our last SPECIAL NIGHT one afternoon while driving when I heard my favorite Babyface song playing and romantic memories crossing my mind.  I was smiling with tears of joy and saying to myself that I don’t want this feeling to go away.  Can it, will it last forever? Is it LOVE?

We may not know when that LOVE spell hits us but I am glad to say when it does you really feel that tingling sensation in your mind, body and soul. When that special one calls, sends a message or simply SAY “I LOVE YOU”, it is that  FEELING you cannot explain. At that moment, we are intertwined with butterflies and special memories. So today, take the time to reflect on what true LOVE is and means to you. Hope you find everlasting LOVE. 

Be sure to leave a comment on your definition of what L O V E is to you.


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