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Little GIRLS should be CLASSY and CUTE.

Whether you are going to school, church or heading to a wedding, this simple T W I S T updo is versatile and most importantly, easy to do. It is an everyday wearable style that your little girl will love.

You will need the following: Regular comb, rat tail comb, ponytail holders, smoothing gel (SOFT), bobby pins, barrettes, brush and holding spray (if necessary)

Hair Products used for this look courtesy of: Curly Kids Hair Care

Curly Chic Your Mane Moisturizer

Curly Kids Gel Moisturizer

Step 1 – Sectioning the Hair

Use a rat tail comb to create your parts.  You will first create  the vertical part (center of forehead) and stop and the top of the head.  Next, create a horizontal part (slanted or straight from ear to ear) and secure the back section in a ponytail. Secure all sections with a ponytail. Bring the rear ponytail to the center of the head to create a sleek updo.

Step 2 – Twisting and Securing the Front

Add Curly Kids Hair Care Curly Kids Gel Moisturizer to the edges, brush and twist the first side wrapping it around the the rear ponytail and securing with a pin. Then twist the next side, crossing it over and securing it with more pins. Make sure twists are tight and wrapped around the rear ponytail and secured with pins. 

Step 3 – Creating the Twisted BUN

Moisturize the hair if necessary and twist the ponytail and follow the STEPS carefully to create a SMOOTH TWISTED BUN.

      Step A: TWIST the rear ponytail to the end of the hair.    

      Step B: Place INDEX finger in the center and hold the ponytail twist securely.       Step C: Wrap the TWISTED ponytail loosely around your finger to create a                    unique finish.       Step D: PIN TWISTED BUN in place to secure.

Step 4 – The FINISHED Look

Finish with a soft gel (Curly Kids Gel Moisturizer) to smooth fly-aways and add a flower or hair bow for a girly look.

This cute three twists  and a bun is so easy to do. You can add that chic and sophisticated look by just adding a headband to the front or a flower around the BUN. This is a great look for a little sassy girl.


BE SURE TO check out a similar do with PLAITS posted on Naturally Curly website.  This look was done a year ago.

Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions or feedback below.  Thanks for STOPPING BY!!!!  Go check out the great PRODUCTS available for this do at Curly Kids Hair Care.

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