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The Flower Garden dress using McCall 7561

“Your dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady.”

Oh how I feel like a flower garden where the bees would collide and the bugs reside.  At first, when I received my package with this fabric, I felt a bit disappointed as I didn’t realize how vibrant and powering the colors were.  Little did I know that after making the dress and getting so many positive feedback at work, I started a love affair with the dress.

The Italian rayon jersey fabric (Product #: 316507) used to make this garden dress came from Mood Fabrics (here). I wanted to make a few work dresses using McCall Pattern 7561 and decided to give this pattern a try with a last summer dress make.  This was a quick and easy sew  as you will only use 3 – 4 pattern pieces for pretty much most of the view.


 I am not a fan of visible POCKETS, so I do NOT plan to add any to the other views that I plan to create.  The only adjustment that I made was to the bodice as the fabric used had enough stretch to cut a size smaller.  On top, I did cut the SMALL and still made a few adjustments to hug my upper body.  On the bottom, I kept the MEDIUM to have a more flirty and full look.   I have a few scuba knit fabric that is oh so perfect for this pattern and plan to make at least one before the end of the year.


This summer, my passion for sewing elevated and I took on a risk to enter a Fashion Challenge with Fabric Mart (Announcement here). Honestly, I submitted with reservations but figured NO ENTRY, NO CHANCE.  I was so ecstatic when I received the email on Thursday stating that I was selected.  I will be showing off my skills along side with 5 other talented ladies.  One of the ladies who motivated me to ENTER CONTEST has also been selected and I am truly humbled.  I am NO longer fearing the unknown and will TRY my best not to disappoint you.

This challenge will allow me to grow even if I do NOT win!  I am ready to share with the WORLD my creativity that I have locked up for years and will motivate or even challenge a few of my readers and followers too. Thanks for stopping by and as always, I APPRECIATE each and every one of you.  I am truly humbled by the kind words, comments that you all share daily through DMs, comments or a message.

ONE LOVE and stay tune for more information on how you can either sew along or VOTE!!


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