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The Classic Dress for a Red Shoe Event!

Happy NEW YEAR Loves!!!


I am so excited about this new year and a new beginning!  2018 I learned so much about myself through sewing and this year I plan to build on the skills I have gained and learn from the mistakes that I have made.  Sewing has been so therapeutic and rewarding.  December I did not sew half the items I planned while on school break, but I created a great dress to wear to an event next month. I decided NOT to rush the process of making the dress and take as much time needed to improve my craft.  I wanted to work on finishing and improve my skills when working with prints.

I truly enjoy working with prints especially Ankara and ensure that it is balanced, matched and stands out.

Here are some tips based on my personal experience while working with prints.  There is NO science to it, but your math skills will help!


Since I wanted to ROCK my RED shoes, I created a MIDI highlighting the RED!

1. Always buy at least 1 to 2 yards extra if working with prints or plaids. 2. Find a pattern that has minimal darts and seams. (It is more difficult to line up prints when working with princess seams) 3. Find the focal point on the print and work around balancing and highlighting the colors. 4. MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE!! – Adjust pattern layout when working with prints, avoid sewing darts to distort the appearance of the focal point if possible by shifting pattern pieces up or down. 5. Spend time when cutting. Don’t rush the process and cut single pieces instead of on fold of fabric to match. I tend to cut prints first thing in the morning when my brain is fresh and alert. 6. Always shift and add the seam allowance when matching to avoid distorting the seam. 7. Perfection doesn’t always work but match seams that are more visible to the eyes. ( For example, side seams are more visible on pants vs. crotch seams)

I am still learning as I work more with prints and will continue to share.

Here are a few of my favorite ankara and print makes!

You can check out the blogpost here for more photos!

Princess SEAM which took at least an hour to cut the bodice.

Forgot to add a little extra and NOT include the seam allowance to match pefect. PRETTY GOOD, ONLY A SEWIST WOULD NOTICE!

TOOK at least1 hours to match the seams of the circle skirt.

Don’t forget the WAISTBAND!!! I even centered the focal point of the aqua color

As always, thanks for reading and have a wonderful and blessed week!

Feel free to share your thoughts below!!!  I plan to share another BLOGPOST on working with BODICE FIT and will make a few modifications and share!




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