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The Classic Denim Dress using McCalls M7632

Happy Friday Loves! It’s been one of those days where I lost my shoot mojo.  I was surely not in the mood to shoot the dress but my daughter surely got me out of the house to practice her photography skills.  Lately, my son does NOT enjoy shooting even though he will take 15 amazing shots in just 5 minutes.  On the other hand, my daughter has to take triple the amount of shots to get it right.

Yesterday Arielle saw the lighting from an angle at the park and rushed me over to the corner.  She said mommy, you will look “GOLDEN” here which is moreover the “golden hour” time.  It was around 6pm and the sun was about to set.  The temperature of the light was perfect and would give me that perfect glow.  The color of the dress may be a bit lighter but I love the golden skin tone.

The original plan for this dress was a maxi tier dress inspired by Tabitha Sewer and Brittany Jones but when I tried it on, I went with plan B, a midi dress.  The bodice I used was Mccall’s M7632 view D bodice.  I have created the entire look before using View C and loved the fit.  This denim top was saved after the failed cropped pants.

To create the skirt, I cut 3 panels; 1 front piece (Width = 40 inches,  Length = 38 inches) and 2 back pieces (Width 22 inches, Length 38 inches) and then gathered it lining up the seams.

 Being a tall girl (5ft 10 inches), maxi dresses always worked for me but this MIDI length was oh so perfect and I loved it.  The hem (2 inches) kept it right below my calf which is a modest look!

NOT taken at the perfect hour!

I opted to finish the lining using a sewing method for shirt yoke which is the burrito method. This method is typically used for making button shirts that I saw on #sewitacademy from Mimi G and I loved it.  It surely gives the inside of the dress a clean finish and I will practice this until I get it right with the zipper. It worked for this type of bodice hiding all the raw edges and I am so happy with it.

My only issue was the zipper as I am not  a fan of invisible zipper as I always have to remove them as they get stuck or broken.  I opted to use a regular zipper and attempted to hide the teeth but it was not quite perfect.  Oh well, life goes on and I need to practice more with my this type of zipper installation.


I am truly in love with the overall FIT of the dress.  This summer, I am learning my body and playing with adjustments that work.  For this dress, I opted to cut a size 12 above the bust area and grade from under the bust to the waist between the 12 and 14.  I did a fit before installing the zipper and wanted an inch more room for food and bloated days so I sewed from the side notches down at 3/8 seam allowance.  Personally, it was not necessary as it seemed I measured when I was very bloated and now I have more than the extra inch.  After shooting, I noticed even more room but I am still OK with it. 


I plan to make 2 looks for my birthday and cannot wait to share!  I will be in hiding for the next few days working on my Fabric Mart post for next week and another look so stay tuned for that.  I am really excited about my upcoming post next Saturday on Fabric Mart and cannot wait to share.

Thanks for stopping by and have a Fantastic FRIDAY!

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1 Comment

Hi Marica, your website is beautiful, Congratulations.

You have done an outstanding job with this pattern and your creativity.

I'm praying that I have this pattern in my collection.

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