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Sunshine Ankara Fabric – 2 for 1 Summer skirt and dress!

Happy Saturday Loves!

I have been enjoying the past 8 weeks off and have NOT been sewing up a storm like I normally would.  Instead of quantity, my focus for 2019  is creating quality garments that are well made and F I T!  I have been reading tips from my favorite sewing bloggers, watching more videos and reading step by step tutorials.  I am so proud of my journey and if you have been following me for a while, you will notice a difference in 2019.

NOW LET’S GET TO THE POINT!!!  When Ankara and Lace reached out to me a few months ago to review their subscription box, I was ecstatic.  I love the idea of getting a surprise each month with beautiful Ankara fabric.  If you know me, I love BOLD, BRIGHT colors especially Ankara prints. I instantly fell in love with the fabric and honestly did NOT want to cut it.  I have been on a mission this year to maximize my looks and not only take photos to share.  I try to get the most out of every piece I create and I truly maximize the wears.

This beautiful Ankara bold print called for something simple to highlight the bold design and bright colors.  Check out other fabric selection from Ankara and Lace that would be perfect for the dress here, here and here.  I did not want to make the typical skirt but realized that I could make a dress and rock it both ways.  When I measured my high bust, I knew if I made an elastic style dress I could rock it as a skirt.  I opted to cut the elastic 6 inches smaller than my upper bust which is a perfect fit for my waist.  To my amazement, it worked out just fine and I was surely on cloud 9.


Step 1: Measure your high bust (upper chest). My measurement was 33 inches. 

Step 2: Measure desired length starting at the high bust. My desired length for the dress is 40 inches which creates a midi version of a skirt. Step 3: Add 5 inches to the desired measurement for elastic casing and hem. ( My final length is 45 inches).

Step 4: Cut 2 pieces (front and back). The width (33 inches) which is the high bust measurement and the final length (45 inches). Step 5: Sew both side seams (french if desired).  Finish the edges of both side seams as well as the top and bottom. Remember to press open your seams.

Step 6: Mark front strap 7 inches away from side seams and back straps 8 inches away from the side seam. Also, note the back and front with a tag! Step 7: Fold 3 inches and press the top casing. Sew 1/4 inch allowance around leaving a 2-inch opening to run the elastic.  Step 8: Sew the paper bag ( 1.25 inches) all around from the top of the foldover.   Step 9: Run your 1 inch or 1.25 inch elastic and close seam.


Step 1: Cut your straps based on your desired taste. My straps were 2.5 inches (width) by 14 inches (length). Personally, I would measure first or cut 2.5 inches by 16 to 18 inches and trim if needed. Step 2: Fold over and sew at 1/2 inch seam allowance. Step 3: Turn straps, press and attach.  You can also make the straps detachable by adding buttons and buttonholes. REMEMBER the front strap is 7 inches and the back is 8 inches away from side seams.

Step 4: Stitch straps for both the front and back about an inch from the top of the dress.  Step 5: Hem your garment and give it a good press.

Feel free to check out my IGTV audio tutorial as well for any clarifications you may need.  


GUESS WHAT!!!  I am partnering with ANKARA and LACE to give away a SUBSCRIPTION BOX  with 3 YARDS of BEAUTIFUL ANKARA FOR MY BIRTHDAY!  Be sure to leave a comment on this blog post stating what you would make for an extra entry. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR INSTAGRAM HANDLE OF EMAIL ADDRESS.  

Be sure to VISIT my Instagram page to enter when the POST goes LIVE to review the rules! Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to email or DM for any questions you may have.  


SHOES: DSW  Kelly and Katie (Yellow Faux Suede)

One Love,



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