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Summer Tops using McCalls M7779

Happy Monday Loves!

I am officially on SUMMER BREAK  for 9 more weeks and I am so ecstatic.  This school year has had its ups and downs and I was counting down the minute to break.  The great news is my students exceeded my expectations and I had the HIGHEST proficiency rate in the entire school.  YES, I almost doubled the proficiency rate (45% to 82% – overall for the grade is 74%), 100% pass rate for Geometry 4 years in a row and 91% of GRADE 7 (159 STUDENTS taught) MADE growth. This past year I have had so many challenges and YET it has been my best year of teaching.  I have been on CLOUD 9 since last Thursday and can’t wait to celebrate this weekend!

 I made these 2 tops in preparation for summer using McCalls M7779 a few weeks ago and I love them both and plan to make version 3. I was amazed by the fit and the darts in the bust line which laid perfect on my body.

For the first version (left), I did NOT make any modifications to the pattern and after trying it on, I knew I needed to adjust the front neckline with the second.  I had a similar top with the perfect neckline and used it as a guide to make the modifications. 

Modifications MUST ALSO BE MADE to the FACING!  

STEP 1: Add paper under the pattern piece and extend the LEFT side 1 inch.

STEP 2:  Mark 1 to 1.25 inch from top right down. (Based on your taste)

STEP 3: Connect the NOTCH for the arm area and neck area with a curve ruler.


  The minor tweaks made a huge difference with comfort which is super important for me.  I honestly love this pattern and plan to make it again in WHITE!

Rocked it to a graduation party with the LINEN pants I made a few months ago for my monthly Fabric Mart here.

Thanks so much for stopping by and don’t forget to check out my latest blogpost on Fabricmart here!

Stay tuned for more reviews of CUTE summer top patterns! One LOVE, Marica


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