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Still Learning and Growing! A peplum top using Butterick 6627

“The journey is never-ending. There’s always gonna be growth, improvement, adversity; you just gotta take it all in and do what’s right, continue to grow, continue to live in the moment.”  Antonio Brown Happy Tuesday Loves!

Waistpack Nikki and Mallory!

Have you ever wanted to try something new and had all the adversities to stop you? Well, this is exactly what happened to me while making a sweetheart bodice with only two pattern pieces (front and back).

I was excited about this pattern the minute it came out last Fall.  I actually purchased two as I knew this bodice type would be on rotation.  After looking at the design lines for View B, I knew I wanted to give it a try.  Little did I know that that it would give a run for the money.

My first mistake was attaching the side seams incorrectly.  I swear I made a mistake with cutting as it was my first time working with bust darts that starts at the center of your chest.  Little did I know that bust darts are NOT only designed from the side (under your arm) and towards your chest.  I had to grab the seam ripper and went back to the instructions that I failed to read thoroughly.

My next challenge was with the skirt.  I wanted to make a tiered midi skirt but cut the bottom a wee bit short and didn’t have enough fabric to create a longer tier.  I then decided to scrap it and create a peplum top. After cutting the length uneven twice, it kept on getting shorter and shorter.  My last cut was so short that I had to do a rolled hem instead of a 1.5-inch hem that I wanted.

When I inserted my invisible zipper on the first try and saw that it was perfect to my taste, I was in heaven and was so ready to shoot.  I didn’t even realize how much room was in the top.  My daughter Arielle pointed out that top was a little bit too big and the back was indeed sticking out.  Mind you, when I tried the lining to me it was perfect but did not realize the amount of room that was still in the back as I did not insert the zipper.  I went to work and decided to just adjust the outer fabric side seams as the lining area was still open.  Little did I know that it would not work.  I was so frustrated and threw the top down in my UFO pile.

On Saturday, I decided NOT to take any short cuts and detach both the lining and main fabric side seams. I was determined not to remove my zipper and figured adjusting the side seams first may help.  I made the necessary 5/8 inch adjustment on each side with a basting stitch to check the fit first.

Need to press that back area down a little bit more so the RED lining won’t peek through! I also love to use a contrast zipper color and let it peek through!

 I also did a 1/2 inch adjustment to the center front seam.  I was satisfied with the fit of the top.  Even though it still has a little more room, I did not want it as fitted as a previous top I made here.

Life is a journey and not a race!  Enjoy every moment and learn and grow from your mistakes.  I didn’t plan to spend over 6 hours on this simple top but the learning experience was so worth it.  This was all I needed to tackle my fears of making a lined jacket and will be getting the notions needed to do it.

Shoes BCBG, Pants OLD NAVY!

Loving my waist pack from Nikki and Mallory.  Go check out her amazing work with leather!

Thank you so much for reading and be sure to stay tuned on my Instagram page as I have a PLANNED giveaway coming soon.  Also, don’t forget to check my Fabricmart post and read all about the versatile vest I created.

Cheers, Marica


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