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Spring BREAK DIY Projects

“The successful man may profit from his mistakes and try again in different ways.” Author unknown 

I found myself the last two weeks sulking over life challenges I have no control over.  I was swaddling in my own bitterness and anger and had to snap out of it.  I really needed a mental break and found myself counting down the hours until SPRING BREAK.

Often times I am so consumed with work and the kids that I forget about myself.  I don’t want this to happen as I plan to remain “21” forever.  When my kids’ father decided to finally give me a break (first time solo since the year started) by taking the kids for a few days, I WAS IN HEAVEN.  I may get a break from them every now and again but I am still grateful.  Even though I wished upon a star* that he could be MUCH more involved;  knowing that they have a father around once is a while is better than not having one at all.

So I needed to get back to regular programming of  MANY DIY projects that were in the works.

  I wanted to created all the Easter looks for my daughter and a few for me.  I made 2 headbands, 1 skirt, remixed a T, started an amazing white lace skirt, completed a Mommy and Me look and even made  pillow cases for my son’s room.  To top it off, I did a little spring cleaning as well.

So today I made this AWESOME top from a MAN’s shirt I picked up at Ross for $9.99.

  I wasn’t too happy with the outcome of the sleeves but I felt like a million bucks.  I really loved the look.  I fell in love with Mimi G’s top and was so excited to create the look from her tutorial here.  I rocked it with my converse gifted from a special guy with my favorite boyfriend jeans.  Loving the entire look from head to toe.

Thanks for stopping by and can’t wait to share the Easter looks that I have been working on this week.  


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