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Second Chances….

“Let Tomorrow be your second chance to prove that you are better than today and yesterday.” — Ritu Ghatourey

Have you ever missed an event, bus or train and was so upset. Then a few hours later, you heard of a tragedy that occurred at the event, on the bus or train. Isn’t that enough to say, Thank You God for a second chance. Well, I think I have been given so many second chances but most importantly a second chance to live. I have had my scary moments in life. I remember having health issues and felt like Heaven wasn’t ready for me yet so I will fight to live. My life has had its ups and downs but the most touching second chance I believe is giving birth to my son. I took the option that was presented to risk my life while carrying a life. Hospitalized 18 times, while being morphined up throughout the pregnancy was enough to know that my HEALTHY son Aiden is my miracle, my angel on earth and I knew I got pregnant for a reason. I have a purpose on earth and giving birth to 2 beautiful children is my purpose to live SECOND chance.

My love life has never been an easy road. After getting 2 divorces (yes) to the same person I  married, I didn’t know if I would ever open my heart up to give love a SECOND chance. I became so engraved in my career and kids that when love came my way, I would never give anyone a chance. I was a rock, a hard shell and refuse to give into all the charming words even if it was from the heart. I played hard to get even though at times I merely wanted to crumble and cry. I didn’t want to get hurt again and vowed to remain single and focus on raising my kids.  It was that special conversation that I decided to open my heart and give love a SECOND chance.  Even though I will still proceed with caution, I am ready to love again and to share my life with someone special. God has been working on me and I have really grown in a positive way and have been able to learn to trust. My children often times share their desires for me to find love as they too deserve to see me happy. Most importantly, I have to put God first in every thing that I do because he has given me so many SECOND chances. 

2016 I am ready for you with arms wide open.  I plan to LIVE my dreams and enjoy every single moment. I plan to capture and develop the good times and learn and grow from the bad. I PLEDGE to live and enjoy every single day like it is my very last. I plan to be the best me in so many ways and PUSH on daily. Thanking God in advance for another GREAT CHANCE to live and be ME. 


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