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Perfect FLAT TWIST anyone?

Perfect FLAT TWIST anyone?

Flat twists are a NEAT way to protect your hair while adding a little JAZZ.  They are similar to cornrows except you are using only 2 strands versus 3.  To create the perfect twist, the art is the grip, the amount of hair and the hand technique.  Follow the steps below and you will have the PERFECT TWIST to GO. Items used: Curly Kids Hair Care Curly Chic Products (Moisture in a Minute, Mane Moisturizer, Coconut Oil for Curls) Brush: Smoothing and Detangling, Comb: Rat tail or regular comb and rubber bands 

Step 1: Section hair based on desired style or look using a rat tail or regular comb.  For this LOOK, hair was parted in two with a slant look.

Step 2:   From the section of the hair you parted, grab a small section of the hair dividing it into two equal parts. Start by twisting the 2 section ensuring that the hair is gripped properly.  See video  TUTORIAL below.

Step 3: Try to grip about the same amount of hair each time to PERFECT the twist.

It is important to hold the twist and not pull the hair by putting too much tension. As you twist the hair, gently grip and incorporate more hair from the section into the twist as you work towards the back.

Secure at the end of the twist either braiding or with a small black rubber band.

Don’t forget to add your Curly Chic Moisture in a minute and brush the hair for each section that you twist.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1 to 3 until you are complete. As you become more comfortable with your technique, you can section hair to create different versatile looks.

Complete the look or style by adding a flower or bow depending on the look that you plan to achieve. 

Thanks for stopping by and HOPE the video tutorial HELPS!!!  Don’t forget to check out the Curly Chic Product line used to accomplish this look at: Curlykids Hair Care Website.


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