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My Love for a "Faux Jumpsuit"

Happy Monday ALL!!!

Can you believe I only have 5 more weeks of work left? Yes, this educator is counting down to summer!  I am super excited about the things I have planned and even though I just went back to work 2 weeks ago, I am already counting down.  My 2 months leave wasn’t all golden as my recovery after the surgery took longer than expected.  I spent the first 5 weeks smiling through the pain even with those smiles on my Instagram page.  Photos were taken right after my dose of meds which allowed me to snap.

Now let’s cut to the chase!  I am in heaven with this CREPE faux (fake) jumpsuit that I created.  On Tuesday, I started with the pattern modifications of the pants Simplicity 8841 VIEW C without the belt and it took me the entire hour of my free time.

 I dedicated 30 mins to an hour each day for 3 days and I was able to tackle this entire 2 piece look.  Yes, Brittany J Jones sew in 30 got me motivated to sew a little during the week. For the most part, I was super thrilled with the fact that I didn’t spend my entire weekend sewing it up.

The tweaks that I made to the pattern was adding a little bit more to the rise of the back pattern piece for my pear shape booty and some extra ease above the recommended for the pattern.

After grading between the 16/18, I felt I needed a little bit more room for a looser fit. I realized after that I did add more than I needed and the next time around, I will remove the extra piece of paper.  I did try to remove the excess fabric but I just didn’t like how it draped after the modifications so I removed it and kept the original shape.

I also added 3 inches to the length as my original plan was to create a jogger set.  Unfortunately, a piece of fabric got caught under the serger and I had to chop 1.5 inches off. I also added an extra inch to the front pattern piece as I wanted a more high waist look.  I am loving this little paper bag waist with the 1.25 inch elastic used.

I pretty much always have to modify every single pants pattern to fit these curves and for the most part, I now know what to do.  There are only 2 patterns that I have not modified that fits right out of the pattern envelop which I love (Simplicity 8389 and 8558).

This beautiful crepe fabric is still available at Joann and matched perfectly with this art clutch gifted to me by a sew sister Aisha from Trinidad.  I told her that I always wanted an art bag and she created this one and mailed it just in time.  I had 2 fabric in my stash that worked perfectly with the colors and had to use it up.

 I didn’t want any of the leftover fabric to go to waste as it was just enough for a cami.  I simply decided to cut the Ogden Cami pattern (#6) and create a 2 piece look. Check out the other I made here, here and here.   I am all for separates and definitely plan to make more matching sets this summer.  Check out this other look I created last summer using rayon that looks like another jumpsuit.

Can you see me wearing these as separates more ways than one? Yes, I plan to wear the pants with a denim top and the ogden cami of course with my jeans. Thank you so much for reading and be sure to stay tuned for #2 of these pants using ankara cotton fabric.

One Love, Marica


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