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My Jamaican Heritage Jacket made with Simplicity 9059

Happy Monday Loves! I finally took photos of my 2nd version of Simplicity 9059 a top/jacket that took me about 2 weeks to create. Yes, this plaid fabric took me out and I am excited to finally share photos as a few of my sew sisters are anticipating and waiting to see me in it.  Thanks to my true insta-story cheerleaders for cheering me on during this creative journey.

To be quite honest, I was waiting on the availability of my professional photographer to shoot it at a location that reminds me of Jamaica, a local Farmer’s Market. However, I knew that would take planning and with our hectic schedule would not allow us to shoot when the market is open.  

My son Aiden who is celebrating his birthday today is a beast behind the camera.  He will take 20 GREAT shots in 15 minutes and I was in am still trying to figure out how he gets his settings right the first time. All of his shots are absolutely breathtaking as they were taken at the golden hour and I love the way he captures my angles and all the details in my makes.

This lightweight cotton shirting fabric purchased in Jamaica last September at Ping’s Fabric represents my roots and culture. Jamaica runs deep within my soul. As one would say “You can tek me out a Jamaica, but you can’t tek the Jamaican out of me.”  After doing a bit of research on the plaid festival fabric, the Bandana fabric originated in Eastern India and was a cool inexpensive fabric that became a symbol of the Jamaican culture in the 1940s which is a red plaid fabric here. This fabric is typically used during Independence as part of the Festival costume and is one of the 4 plaid fabric types found in the local fabric stores in Jamaica.



This pattern featured the fabric so well and I am so proud of my plaid matching skills. I have a detailed video on IGTV(HERE) that has tips on creating the jacket.  Can you believe this has a center back seam? YES!!!!!! It does have a back seam and I am proud of my plaid matching skills.

BACK of JACKET. Double stripe is centered on each separate back piece.  

Thanks to Carolyn and Karon for cheering me on and providing some insights when working with plaid. I opted to use a solid RED fabric for the neck and sleeve band as I wanted to break up the plaid.

Neckband and sleeves in SOLID red! Double stripe is centered on each front piece.

Create a self-tie belt

The GOLD in the fabric signifies the rich history of my island home Jamaica. We likkle but we tallawah!!!! Reggae music, the food, the people, the culture which is near and dear to my heart.  The RED which is blended with the other colors shows that no matter who our ancestors are, we all bleed the same color – RED. In Jamaica, you will find every single culture; Europeans, Chinese, Indian, African and Caucasian and we are “OUT OF MANY ONE PEOPLE” just like our coats of arms.  The GREEN reminds me of the quiet hillside and mountains, the green organic farms seen from the highway, the great resource, and the country’s natural beauty. Talk about luxury and beauty; take a trip to Portland, my favorite spot in Jamaica.

LOVE the sleeves! Double stripe is centered.

With all these colors blended together, we are all part of one race, the human race. We may be from different continents, races, backgrounds, religions, ethnicity or culture but one thing I can say is…. can always learn from each other.  

I plan to rock this jacket with a pencil skirt or dress, a slim foot or palazzo pants over and over again.  I was a bit daring and wore a bralette to show the sassiness of this top and LOVE it! Thank you so much for reading and be sure to check out my IGTV on my Instagram page with all the details about the construction and my plaid matching skills. Leave a comment below and let me know how you would rock it.  Have a great week! One LOVE, ONE HEART! Marica


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