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Life’s Greatest Teacher – Failure!

“The quickest road to success is to possess an attitude toward failure of ‘no fear”Author Unknown!

At times, social media mask us with false illusions of not accepting failures, that we must always strive to be perfect in order to gain success. When we do make mis-steps, we sometimes dwell on them, selectively editing out the mistakes and mishaps in our lives and only sharing how successful we are. The quote “Failure is not an option,” is what we strive for but is it a reality? How will you grow, learn and elevate yourself without failing.

I have had my shares of failures in life. Without going into detail, I have had failed relationships, failed jobs, failed projects, failed at the simplest things such as learning to drive. I look back now and realize that these failures propelled me to growth, out of darkness and becoming a better ME.  I can’t forget the very moment when I quit, yes QUIT about 4 times in 1 school year as a middle school math teacher because I failed at managing my classroom in one of the toughest school in Florida. I had so many challenges learning to filter my mouth and forgetting that these children have no life experiences. They came from all walks of life with baggage; struggles and the only place safe for some were the school.  My principal at the time who I credit to this day for my success in the profession of teaching, sat me down and shared some of her deepest thoughts about growth and failure and as to why I should not fail myself by quitting. I thought she was crazy as she just wanted me there and now looking back at my successes in Education, I credit all the failures I encountered in the most challenging situations. 

Today I am growing each day in my profession as an Educator from the failures and missed opportunities. My scores are the top 2 years in a row in the city I teach. Moreover, I have had 2 years of success with my Summer Math Academy and I credit my failures in the classroom to the successes over the last 2 years. (Sharing my successes based on my failures later in an article)

Rocking my 1 shoulder top from a FAILED Jumper set!! LOVE IT with this look!

I have learned from a simple sewing project that the only way I can grow and elevate my skills is to fail. I am sharing my story today to encourage someone who may have had failures that seems unbearable. Don’t give up, take it as a set up for success and learn from your mistakes. If Usain Bolt did not get his final gold after winning 9 golds, you will realize that it’s sometimes life is not always about winning. Quoted directly from an article that resonated with me all week long, “Keep failure in perspective. Mr. Bolt is a legend. He wanted to win his last race but coming third did not detract from his legendary status.  If your unit or department has a failure it does not mean that it is a failure! Accept the failure as part of life.” (Read entire article here).

Thought this KIMONO failed but added bias tape and piping to it!

In closing, my sewing projects that fail will be called my growth projects. My losses will set me up for successes, my struggles will guide me to victory so today be encouraged to learn from failures.  Think about this quote “If you are afraid to fail, you will keep failing forever,” and always remember failure is an OPTION if it helps you grow. Thanks for stopping!! ONE LOVE!


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