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July’s Sew Your View using Simplicity 8642

Happy Monday LOVES!!

I swear these last 2 months I have been in SEWING overdrive!!!! Honestly, my goal this summer was NOT to tutor or look at a Math problem, but to focus on my workout routine and improving my craft – sewing.  I personally DO NOT monetize my blog so I am NOT earning any income for sharing my personal thoughts, reviews or feedback.  This is a hobby that I truly enjoy and my monthly Fabric Mart posts have helped me become better each month.  Just in case you missed last month, here is the link!

NOW Let’s cut to the chase!

I was very intimidated at first by Simplicity 8642 but I FELL in love with the sleeves of VIEW A!  I grabbed this pattern immediately after it was released and knew I wanted to create either VIEW A or B for summer.  After reading the instructions it went right back in the envelope and I figured it would be on the back burner with the amount of work needed just for the sleeves.

When Monica selected the pattern, I knew I had to get over my fear and suck it up.  This sleeve is NO joke and it really tried my patience.  It literally took me 2 long hours to do the first sleeve.   Now mind you, I had to grab the seam ripper as I did NOT clip it first and did NOT READ the instruction carefully so that sleeve did NOT drape.  Next was the hemming!!  After my first battle with the curves, I went in my stash for the bias tape.

I promise you, I refuse to work on a top that did NOT finish correctly.  Mind you, the main reason why I started to sew was the clothing that I was buying was ill-fitting and looked like it was sewn together in a dark room in China.  I decided even if I had to recut a new sleeve, I would ensure it was done based on the instructions and the fit was on point.  After 4 long days of sewing a little each day, I was HAPPY and LOVED THE FINAL FIT!!


P.S. I ALWAYS try my garment at every point, before inserting sleeves, when I insert 1 sleeve etc.  I also ensure that the darts are right, the fit is to my taste before I do the final SERGE!


I was blessed with some great Ankara straight from Nigeria this summer and I can’t wait to share my makes with them.  This fabric is a beauty and my daughter Arielle begged for a top after seeing mine.

The pattern I used for Arielle’s top was McCalls M7563 size XS. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and can’t wait to see what pattern Monica will challenge us with for August  “sew-your-view”.  (Check out the beautiful ladies on Instagram here with their views.)

Have a WONDERFUL WEEK! One Love, Marica


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