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HEALING through Sewing

“Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.” Tori Amos

Losing a love one is challenging to accept, especially a parent or a child. My father was my best friend and when he passed away June 25, 2011, a piece of me died inside. His death took a toll on me emotionally and accepting and dealing with him not being around was even worse.  I was a daddy’s girl and my dad and I spoke daily. My faith was all I had and it was through my sewing outlet a year ago that helped. I decided to venture into sewing with a close friend after not sewing for over 25 plus years. We both took a sewing class and were disappointed as we did not complete the garment in 2 days.  I decided that night I was going to create a finish product and I sewed a simple elastic waist skirt for daughter.  

From that learning experience, I then made several elastic waist skirts until one day I decided to learn how to insert a zipper.

My first zipper skirt was wearable and there was NO turning back.  Thus far, I have created clutches, skirts, pillow covers, hair bows, remixed tops and even attempted a top for both myself and my daughter.  I truly enjoy making skirts and have found my niche.  

           I have no intentions to become a designer, but I hope to encourage others to find ways to heal. 

 From this journey, I will start my own Fashion Club at school and plan to launch the school’s first Spring 2016 Runway show.  I am truly excited about this phase of my life and plan to encourage girls to be strong and confident in their skin.

Thank you for reading my journey and hope that you find an outlet to heal from the struggles in life that you may be facing.

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