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Happy NEW YEAR!!


I am back on the blogging scene on my PERSONAL page and I am so excited.  I will personally commit to writing at least two blog post per month for the next 6 months and will continue to share most of my makes via Instagram. I am not into all the New Year’s resolution revamp, change, uproot my life philosophy, BUT I believe in personal growth and commitment.  I had some amazing moments in 2017 and some challenging times, but there were MORE GREAT MOMENTS than challenges.  I continued with my Math Summer Academy which was a huge success, had the best MATH SCORES in years, WON a sewing challenge, and most importantly believed more in my God given talents.

I plan to push myself a little more this YEAR and take a few risks with God by my side.  I want to travel and explore more with my children, enroll in a creative writing class and most definitely, continue to grow in my profession. Aiden and Arielle are doing amazing in school and paying them for their grades have eliminated “Cs” off their report card.  I am so excited that my son will be in Middle School this August and has finally found his groove and is doing better than I expected in school.  He has NO C’s this quarter and I am so proud of him.

My personal goal is to at least sew one new garment per week and add one skill to my knowledge book.  I am an educator who believes in lifelong learning.  Each and every day, I learn as much as my students both in my personal and professional life.  They know that I am one of the coolest, toughest Math educator you will meet who believes in challenging your mind.


My FIRST MAKE for 2018 is this McCall 7099 jumpsuit without the pockets.  Even though I am not the biggest fan of the look and the pattern, I wanted to learn the technique of grading and tapering a fitted pants.  IT WORKED and I plan to use the pants portion of this pattern to make more yoga type pants. 


Fabric is a GREYISH blue ponte knit from Fabric Mart. 

For the bodice, I cut the size 10 and for the pants,  I graded from the 10 to a 14 hip and tapered at the knee back down to a size 10.  I used a ponte denim knit which feels amazing on the body.  I loved the overall fit but would select a darker color to draw less attention to the curvier parts of my body.  YES! I am blessed with double portion in the assets area.

Now one of my favorite makes back in December is this beautiful red and black sweater (RIGHT) for the sew your view monthly makes using McCall 7688.  The ribbing topped it and gave it a great finish.  YES!! I will definitely wear it again next week when I return to work.

My Fabric Mart blog post make included another view with leopard print of the sweater and a fitted turtle neck body con dress.  For more details and photos, check out the blogpost here.

I am super excited about my next two makes for this upcoming month and the new McCall patterns that have been released.  I have three projects in mind with my top two  McCall patterns and I can’t wait.

Thanks so much for stopping by and HOPE THAT 2018 will bring you love, joy, peace, happiness and many blessings your way!


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