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Classic Jumpsuit using McCalls M8009

Happy Friday Loves!

When it comes to a great pattern, I am all for it!  When I came across McCalls M8009, I knew I had to give it a try.  I was a bit hesitant at first as I wasn’t sure if I would like the bust area but when I looked at the pattern, I knew the design lines and the slight gathers would make a difference with the fit. I fell in love with the jumpsuit so much I made it twice.

With my first version, I actually started it on a weekend and didn’t have plans to finish it.  When I finished the bodice, and tried it on, I was super excited about the fit. I was even inspired to continue sewing and kept going all night and had only the sleeves and zipper to insert the next day.  I literally went to bed at 1am in the morning which is totally rare for me. For the bodice, the size 12 fit perfect without any modifications and the size 14 pants worked out just fine. I did NOT have to do any grading as the pants pattern pieces are gathered. I always have to do my regular pants adjustment by adjusting the crotch (to avoid a wedgy:-) and adding 1 inch to the top of the pattern piece for my full butt adjustment. I think I may have to scoop out the crotch another 1/2 inch as it is somewhat close and I prefer a looser crotch area. .

The rayon drapes beautifully! The flow, the freshness and the lightweight feel on my skin is absolutely perfect for South Florida weather. 

Pros for the RAYON!

* Rayon is lightweight and airy.

* Drapes beautiful and has a “gone with the wind effect” when you wear it.

* Easy to sew up and the back invisible can be taken down without assistance.



* Rayon is lightweight and you can’t afford to make a mistake.  The seam ripper will cause issues if it gets stuck in the fabric.

* Depending on the rayon fabric, your garment will stretch overtime. I swear the garment became loose right after the photoshoot.

* Interface is a MUST in the midriff and zipper area.

UNDERSTITCH THE LINING as it lays better!

Pros for using ANKARA WAX FABRIC!

*Ankara fabric its structure and has a more dressy look and feels great on!

* Easy to sew and seam ripper won’t hurt the fabric much if you make a mistake.


* YOU DEFINITELY NEED HELP when zipping it up, especially if you use an invisible zipper.

* Be careful as the seams tend to get stuck easily when the garment is on but seems to slide up and down with no issues when it is off.

* ANKARA cotton has no stretch so give yourself a little bit more wiggle room in the crotch area and around the midriff.

Overall I am so happy with both makes of M8009 JUMPSUITS and definitely LOVE the Ankara version. I wanted to make a similar look by hacking the VOGUE bodice and a pants pattern last year using a linen fabric which was an epic fail!! When I saw this pattern, I knew it was a must and I had to. give it a try. I AM SO GLAD I DID!!!!


I definitely give this pattern a 9/10 as it is absolutely classic!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out my INSTAGRAM page for ALL THE TIPS  that I SHARED and saved in the highlights.

One Love,



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