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Beautiful HAIR using the CURLY CHIC LOC Method

Arielle’s HAIR ROUTINE THE product line that we use is Curly Kids Hair Care. We have been using it over a year and a half now and we love the results. Here is a simple outline of the DIFFERENT PRODUCTS USED based on the desired looks.  To have your LITTLE DIVA’S HAIR looking SHINY and BEAUTIFUL, combine the PRODUCTS pictured.

SLEEK BUNS and PROTECTIVE STYLES (Daily routine): Moisturizer Gel, Cream Conditioner and Coconut Oil for Curls ( when needed)

The cream conditioner and coconut oil for curls are used throughout the hair including the ends. Depending on the desired BUN (Twist, braided or regular) or PROTECTIVE STYLES  a small amount of the moisturizer gel is used on the edges or the hair. If you are twisting the hair before creating the BUN, secure the bun then add a dime size amount of gel and conditioner to the hair and twist.

WET TWIST OUT, FLEXI RODS AND WET BRAID OUTS: Creme conditioner, Moisturizer, Coconut oil for curls and Moisture in a Minute

On damp hair, add the moisturizer, Creme conditioner and coconut oil for curls throughout the hair. For each TWIST, add a small amount of the moisture in a minute and twist. Lock the ends with either the moisturizer gel or moisture in a minute.  These products combined LEAVES AN AMAZING SHINE!!!!

WASH AND GO,  CURLY FRO, DRY TWIST OUT : Curly Chic LOC products (Moisture in a Minute, Coconut Oil for Curls, Your Mane Moisturizer) Curl Defining Lotion

Depending on the look, all the right products mixed together will give you an awesome finish. For wash and go, follow the LOC METHOD with the Curly Chic products. Add the moisturizer, coconut oil for curls and moisture in a minute.

Curly FRO may take different products depending on your hair texture and curl pattern. In my opinion, this method is based on trial and error with the right products. We find that the curl defining lotion, coconut oil for curls and moisture in a minute works for a BEAUTIFUL FULL curly fro. Add a small dime size of the coconut oil for curls that SMELLS SO GOOD for the AMAZING shine. You may need a little water to create a damp look before products are added depending on your desired CURLY FRO. Follow the same routine for DRY TWIST OUT. Use products on damp hair and then TWIST hair and then use all the products from the LOC Method.  Wash and De-tangle

Super Detangling Conditioner

 Last by NOT LEAST, ENSURE that the hair is shampooed properly and deep conditioned at least 2 times a month using the Curly Kids Deep Conditioner.  We truly love the results of all the products listed and the LOOK and FEEL is absolutely amazing. Don’t forget to check out Curly Kids Hair Care for a store locations near you.  You can also order from the online store as WELL.  Please feel free to post any questions, comments that you may have.



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