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Arielle’s FIRST DIY dress

Oh how I LOVE my dress!!!  – Arielle

For the last few months, I have been yearning to step out of my comfort zone and create amazing other items except skirts. Over the last year, I have made over 40 skirts and have mastered every style. When I was given the opportunity to create a dress using the Mingo and Grace Blake pattern, I jumped at it. I was a little scared and wanted to read as many feedback from other more experience sewist in the pattern test group, as I have not mastered cutting from patterns. At first, I thought about asking a friend who is a designer to guide me, but how will “I” learn? I decided Friday to start the process and it was history. I made a few errors but these errors are great learning experiences. I am super excited as I plan to use the pattern again to create a CHRISTMAS dress and for the upcoming SPRING FASHION show. I have so many ideas brewing and I can’t wait to create and share. Below are some shots of the dress. ENJOY.

Front has 3 pleats!!!  Opted to cut a larger size in the event of errors.

Side view – pockets which I love so much!!!

Back VIEW!!

Thanks for stopping BY!!!! Have a GREAT DAY!!!


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