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Meet Marica 

Hey, there!!   Welcome to my creative space, lover of all things bold, bright, and beautiful. I am so delighted you found my page where I share a snippet of Marica. Inspired by my Jamaican roots, I created this platform to share my passion for sewing, DIY, fashion, health, beauty, and cooking. I am honored to have you here so please stick around and visit my other pages including my "Lifestyle Blog" where I share a bit of my artistic side.


Failure helps you grow!

“Failure is a golden opportunity to start again with more knowledge than we had before.” Have you ever wanted to try something new but...


I am back - My first shirt dress!!!

Happy NEW YEAR All! Blogging has been a challenge for me over the past year or more. In 2022, one of my personal commitments to myself is...


My Birthday Jumpsuit

Have you ever had plans to make a fabulous look, started it, then threw it aside because you were unhappy with the fit on you because...

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