The PRO KIT is the perfect candle making starter KIT if are interested in learning how to make candles in the comfort of your home.  This kit includes a  Candle Pouring Pitcher and a thermometer. With the purchase of this KIT, you can attend a FREE live, virtual workshop where you will learn the steps to creating your 2 (9  ounce) soy wax candles in the comfort of your home! We will walk you through basic candle making process as well as share tips, tricks and best practices.  

We WELCOME curious learners who may not have a kit but would like to learn about candle-making in the virtual class for a look and learn class at a cost of $20

REGISTRATION link to the live, virtual workshop will be sent in your via email after your purchase.  Each class will host a maximum of 15 participants so purchase your KIT today and reserve your FREE virtual class.


What’s included in your KIT:

  • Black - Candle Pouring Pitcher (1 pound)

  • Thermometer (Deep fry Candy Thermometer)

  • 13 oz of soy wax 

  • 1 oz. candle frag